As announced, Christin was, in September, once again in Ghana

In this travel report you can read about her stay in Ghana and lots of news about the children.

Full of excitement and longing I made my way back to Ghana at the end of September 2012. My suitcases were once again fully packed with clothes for the children. At this point I would like to issue a very big thank you to everyone who donated clothing. A further thank you to Rewe Markt Hellrung OHG in Ebeleben for donating books, pencils and balloons. I spent the duration of my stay, as did Dominika and Gabrielle in the spring, at our friend Eric’s house. The older students spend their school holidays in the two rooms at Eric’s chicken farm which we rent out for them. They support Eric with his work on the chicken farm.


For all of those, that didn’t receive this newsletter via Email:

Our newsletter from September 2012:

Dear members, dear friends,

Nearly one year has gone by now since we founded our charity and we would like to review shortly what has been happening in the past year in Ghana.

Thanks to all of your help, your one-off donations and your uncountable both big and small events you have been organising in Germany and in Great Britain, a lot has been able to be done in our project. All in all 9 of our teenagers now have the chance to attend a continuing education – a privilege in Ghana which only few young people have, due to the fact that secondary school is very expensive. Almost all of our teenagers attend a boarding school and are able to stay there during the school year, therefore accommodation and food is already provided for.


First of all we would like to sincerely thank all of the many people who have been supporting our charity through donations. We have been able to achieve a lot in Ghana, thanks to the money. More details to this in our short report.

During our stay in Ghana we lived with Eric Boakye. Eric is our friend from the children’s home and at the same time he is our confident on site in Ghana. It’s full at his house, as our children have begun to see the little house in Amamfrom as their new home and regularly come here in their holidays or during the weekend. This is a good thing for the boys, as they lived together as brothers during the years in the children’s home. We are very happy that Eric doesn’t feel disturbed by the turbulences and is allowing us to rent out the two rooms next year again for the boys. All of our children who are currently attending secondary school are very diligent and the teachers seem happy with them. A big thank you once again to everyone, who has helped us to get all of the school fees together!


In January 2012 Mary and Christin spent four weeks in Ghana. They spent their time visiting each one of the children and paid for all the school fees for the coming term directly at each school.

Aside from that, they rented out two rooms adjoining directly on to Eric’s home so that the older children have somewhere to stay all together in their school holidays. Nana – Yaw has had to move house, as his grandmother is unable to look after him any longer. He is now living permanently with Eric and has begun going back to school. He is not having a very easy time in school, as he finds it extremely difficult to speak to adults, but with Eric he feels safe. He is very happy to be back with his “brothers and sisters” whenever they come to visit in their holidays or on weekends.